More than 40% of American marriages end in divorce, at a whopping average cost of $20,000 to $50,000 per couple in legal fees.  Most divorces take place in the first few years of marriage, with about 60 percent of all divorces occurring among couples that have been married  for less than ten years.  Nonetheless, divorce can occur at every stage of marriage.

There is a much less expensive way to dissolve a marriage-a mediated divorce.  Ending a marriage is hard enough on a family, so why ruin everyone’s financial future too?  If you are considering divorce, divorce mediation is an alternative.

Divorce mediation empowers you to make all the decisions that will shape your future life.  The meetings are conducted in a warm non-threating atmosphere where you and your spouse decide what will be best for you as you enter a new experience after divorce.  Jerry Fabiano’s twenty-five years of experience in the field of conflict resolution and his training in divorce mediation will provide you with assistance and guidance to help you identify assets and liabilities; together, you will develop a parenting plan, if necessary, that has the best interests of your children as the focal point.  The process is concluded with the scribing of a separation agreement and assistance in processing the divorce settlement.

Mediation is a voluntary process and the mediator serves as a neutral professional.  He may share experiences encountered by former clients, and you are free to accept these ideas or develop your own solutions.  This  permits mediation to be a flexible, adaptable process that distinguishes itself from most other forms of dispute resolution.  The mediation sessions allow the parties to control the decision making process.  Mediation is conducted in joint sessions that last for approximately one hour; it is less expensive than the attorney vs. attorney process and in most cases the entire process can be concluded after four or five sessions.

Those who have experienced mediation with Dr. Fabiano have made some recent comments about the process and his mediation skills:  Patricia stated, “Divorce mediation…is inexpensive {and} makes it easier to get through the most emotional and personal trauma you will ever have to face.  If you can communicate with your significant other…then mediation is for you.  Jerry Fabiano is very fair and explains exactly what to expect.  He is honest and makes the process easy and less painful.  Not only do I recommend mediation to anyone that is getting a divorce, I would definitely recommend Jerry Fabiano.”  Dan says, “ I have seen Jerry Fabiano work as a mediator.  He brings parties together effectively to solve their problems.  He is excellent at his trade…he’ll mediate my parents divorce.”  Finally, the Director of Mediation Services, Tri-County Mediation Center state this about Jerry Fabiano, “Jerry’s dedication to the mediation process, {and} his amazing flexibility makes him a star that shines brightly on our mediation roster”

Divorce mediation is not for everyone; however if you and your spouse can communicate with each other and have recognized that divorce in inevitable, mediation is an effective and economical process to explore.

Written by Jerry Fabiano, November 2010

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