Why Mediate?

Consider the following important reasons why it makes sense to mediate:


When working with Jerry Fabiano you work with a trained mediator with over twenty-five years of experience in conflict resolution. He is able to talk with you both, respond to your emails and prepare the documents necessary for a legal separation for significantly less than most individual lawyers charge for their retainer. Pay-as-you-go option avoids the need for large retainers required by law firms.

Personal Attention

You work with me and only me.

You Decide

The process empowers each of you. You decide the terms of the agreement and the speed of the process. You are not at the mercy of the lawyers and judge who will force a ruling on you regarding your finances and how you are going to handle your children.

Faster Completion

You are in control; mediation works as fast as the you desire. A case can be done in as quickly as a few days if the parties desire to move that quickly. Generally, a divorce can be finalized within eight weeks.

Flexible Scheduling

Meeting time is flexible as is the location. We can even meet at your home if that is what works for you.

Creative Opportunities

With Jerry’s assistance, you and your spouse have the opportunity to work through a process that is flexible to meet your needs and is customized to your unique situation.

Let Jerry know if you would like to learn more about divorce mediation.