We can learn the value of using mediation for divorce from a variety of experiences. For example, the June 29, 2018 issue of the New York Post had a number of articles on congressional nominee Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset victory over Joe Crawley, a 10-term incumbent. One of the articles concerned her Republican challenger, Anthony Pappas, a 72-year-old professor from Astoria who teaches economics and finance at St. John’s University. Dr. Pappas’ campaign has no website or Facebook page. He is quoted as saying,  “I’m running to help everyone.”

How does Dr. Pappas’ campaign become relevant for divorce mediation? When asked about his top issues, he spent most of the time talking about putting restraints on state judges in divorce matters. It seems that this is a personal matter. His own divorce case began in 2004 and is still pending! Pappas reportedly said judges “can make up false narratives and accusations, and it is very hard to reverse their rulings.”

He said, “I went through a divorce, and I had experiences that were bizarre and horrific.” He claimed his case was extended by judges who were “biased and sort of stepped off the case.” “They can just respond that all of your arguments are without merits. You’re facing a judicial dictatorship in a way.”

You do not need to take a chance of having this happen to you when you select mediation to resolve your marital issues. Working with a trained and experienced mediator, the process empowers you and your spouse to make decisions that will be beneficial for both you and your family. The process is efficient, it can be as fast or as slow as you wish, and it is certainly economical, with no retainer fees or high hourly rates.

Let us help you resolve your divorce proceeding in a civil and effective manner.

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