A frequent question from clients is “How long will this take?” The answer is “It depends on how prepared you are.”

We have tried to assist our clients by providing helpful information in the numerous articles that appear on our web site. For example, Preparing for Mediation identifies topics that will guide both parties in identifying areas that will focus on their assets and liabilities. Some key topic for research and discussion are pensions and retirement accounts, real estate and insurance. Another article, Parenting Revisited, highlights issues that all parents need to resolve: living conditions, vacations, and child care. There are many other issues and they are cited in this article and will be helpful to consider.

When reviewing assets and liabilities clients need to decide what will work for them. This may be an equal distribution of assets, but equal division does not work for everyone. One couple may find that waiving interest in the other’s fund is practicable and manageable. Another may need to receive some or all of the equitable distribution he/she is entitled to. Some clients are willing and able to forgo their equity in the sale of the marital property in exchange for maintenance or spousal support. There are times when health insurance coverage is continued for a specified time frame in exchange for automobile insurance payments.

Couples who are able to sit and talk to each other create a number of scenarios that will be helpful prior to mediation.

There are a number of possibilities that you can explore when you make the decision to mediate rather than litigate. Preparation is a key element to a successful conclusion in mediation. Review the articles cited above, share with each other what will be best for you and your children and use the skill and resources of a trained mediator to help you get started on the next chapter of your life.

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