Jerry was very helpful and informative. He made sure that we came prepared, relayed all the information that we needed to know, answered all of our questions, and really made sure that we understood the process and paperwork before signing. He made our divorce mediation very easy and quick.

-K.H. June 2020

You have provided us with fast and excellent service. I would highly recommend you. Thank you.

-M.P. June 2020

Jerry was an immense help while navigating through this difficult time in our relationship. He offered impartial advice and helped us to see the big picture while staying true to our end goals. We accomplished our separation agreement in an amiable and timely manner and it was extremely helpful to have someone guide us through this process. Thanks again Jerry.

-S.R. April 2020

You made the mediation process easy and as painless as it could be. We received everything in an extremely timely manner and were thankful you were so easily accessible.

-S.M. February 2020

Jerry made an incredibly difficult time much less painful for us. He works quickly and with the utmost professionalism. You’re compassionate, respectful demeanor was much needed and much appreciated.

-S.S. January 2020

You were very accommodating to our needs and made this tough and emotional process very smooth. Thank you for being beyond patient with us during this difficult time. I would recommend Capital Region Mediation to anyone!

-T.L. January 2020

I loved the process of mediation. I don’t know why anyone would choose a litigated divorce or separation in lieu of mediation. There are definitely some things to consider, however, when seeing if this is appropriate for your situation.

My husband and I were on the borderline of whether or not this would work for us, and I am sure others start to veer off track, as we did, but Jerry was great in pulling us back to the task and keeping our priorities (our children) the central focus.

Mediation does require participants to do their homework, too — you need to have a clear vision about what you both want out of the process and how you envision your separation or divorce playing out. We were lucky in that we had already done a lot of the legwork beforehand. We had discussed how we wanted to schedule custody, how we were dividing assets, and how we were planning on joint parenting.

Jerry was wonderful in educating us about the process and about what requirements and restrictions we had to abide by. He made the process so smooth and hassle-free.
-D.S., December 2019


Jerry, thank you for helping us come to an agreement on our settlement. You have been fair, efficient, friendly and even firm when it was necessary. You may use my comment if you like. All the best.
-P.R., November 2019

We had a great experience and really appreciated how quick and efficient the process was!
Name withheld upon request, March 2019

Thank you Jerry for your assistance during this difficult time. You were organized and timely with all of my questions and made the process easy to understand. I’m very grateful that I had your help and guidance. Thank You.
-J.S., February 2019

Thank you Jerry for your services. Sorry it took so long, but we never would have been able to come to an agreement without your input.
-C.M., December 2018

I just want to say that you went above and beyond for me in my very emotional, upset world. You helped to make things easier and better for me and I am very thankful for that. You were able to come to my residence when I didn’t have a vehicle and were able to meet me halfway and knowing I didn’t have a lot to work with, did not overcharge me and I’m grateful for that too. It’s not easy picking yourself up and starting all over again at my age. I would definitely recommend going to you for help if ever someone is in need of your services. Thank you so much!
-G.W., September 2018

Jerry quickly and professionally guided us through the process of mediation. His rates are very reasonable and the whole process was very easy. I would recommend him.
-Rob, June 2018

Our experience with Jerry Fabiano was all positive.  He went out of his way to arrange convenient locations to meet with us.  His response to creating drafts for us was immediate. Being able to work with a mediator rather than an attorney was comfortable and saved us so much money.  Jerry was patient with all of our changes and revisions and again, got back to us with no delays whatsoever.  Also, he is a very warm and likable person to work with.
-Linda & Don, November 2017

Mr. Fabiano has made the divorce process very simple;  it was a very pleasant experience under the circumstances. Everything was very easy to understand and he was very straight forward. Thank you for your time and understanding in this hard time in my life.
-M.J., November 2017

I felt the process was very simple as long as the topics are discussed ahead of time. You were available to any questions from both parties and were not preferential to either side. You explained each step of the process very clearly, so that we both understood the steps to follow and what we signed up for. You did a very good job of mediating the “hot topics” and kept us on track. I appreciate you making a very difficult conversation easier! Thank you.
-A.M., May 2017

Jerry, I loved the process of mediation. I don’t know why anyone would choose a litigated divorce or separation in lieu of mediation. There are definitely some things to consider, however, when seeing if this is appropriate for your situation.

My husband and I were on the borderline of whether or not this would work for us, and I am sure others start to veer off track, as we did, but Jerry was great in pulling us back to the task and keeping our priorities (our children) the central focus.

Mediation does require participants to do their homework, too — you need to have a clear vision about what you both want out of the process and how you envision your separation or divorce playing out. We were lucky in that we had already done a lot of the legwork beforehand. We had discussed how we wanted to schedule custody, how we were dividing assets, and how we were planning on joint parenting.

Jerry was wonderful in educating us about the process and about what requirements and restrictions we had to abide by. He made the process so smooth and hassle-free.
-D.S., 2016

Jerry worked with both of us. Giving equal respect and due diligence. As we moved through the process Jerry was always kind and not pushy. He did such a fine job we eventually decided not to split up and we are still living together to this day. Thank you Jerry!
-J.H., December 2016

We used Capital Region Mediation to settle our divorce. We did this because we wanted to control the terms of our divorce, versus having it dictated by high priced attorneys. Dr. Jerry Fabiano was tremendous, as he helped guide us through the process. He was fair and objective to both of us, and had our best interests in mind. He answered all of our questions and prepared the documents in a timely manner. We each feel the process was fair for our circumstances, and using mediation saved us a lot of money.

We would strongly recommend Capital Region Mediation for couples who are going through a divorce and are willing to work with each other to control the terms of the divorce in their best interests.
-B.R., August 2016

You did an excellent job. Thank you.
-T.H., January 2016

Thank you for helping us get through this. It was quick and much easier with someone who has been around the block. I didn’t want any of this and still do not… But having a stress free environment to do it was helpful.
Thank you.
-M.S., December 2015

I highly recommend Capital Region Divorce Mediation. Jerry wisely guided us to a fair and equitable separation agreement. The process was simple, cost effective and compassionate.
-M.H., October 2015

Thank you for your help during this most difficult time in our lives. Thinking back, I can remember the excitement of finding the perfect dress, choosing food, music, a venue… I don’t believe anyone thinks about what if this doesn’t work out, or that people grow, which sometimes is apart. The experience meeting with you and understanding and support was outstanding. I hope that I never have to, but if I do, I would recommend you to anyone who has to go through this experience. You were very kind and very professional. Thank you,
– G.L., June 2015

“I appreciate all of the work Jerry did to help us through the process. He was exceptionally accommodating and helped us to understand each step. He made everything as convenient as possible and I’m very grateful for his help.”
– Jen V., March 2015

“Utilizing mediation maintained a calm reasonable atmosphere throughout our Separation/Divorce. Explanation of the process by Mr. Fabiano allowed us to make educated decisions on our finances. I appreciated his attention to our needs and concerns.”
– Colleen K., July 2014

“Despite the circumstances surrounding our need for mediation, our experience was wonderful. Mr. Fabiano provided more than enough information and advisement to make this process seamless. Our experience may vary only slightly for those that may have children involved, as we had very little paperwork processes to complete. With the clear and concise information, we were able to complete any research needed and come to further agreement on the conclusion of our marriage and estate matters. Under his advisement, we did seek advice from attorneys on the NYS laws and situations that have occurred to compare to our own situation.  Mr. Fabiano provided all documents in an extremely timely manner and our process for legal separation was conducted in less than two weeks only because we sought additional advice from accountants and financial advisors to complete our process. We want to thank Mr. Fabiano for his assistance in this matter and would highly recommend him to parties involved in an amicable need for separation.”
– Robin M., June 2014

“You were professional, didn’t take sides and very quick with completing the agreement.”
– R.L., 2014

“I really had no expectations other than find someone to review a draft agreement I had developed. They were more than met. We had no idea about the child support or alimony calculations that required. [The process was] actually quite favorable under the circumstances. The process went smooth. Thanks for be expedient in helping us develop the agreement as I needed to get it completed in a short time period.”
– Paul C., 2013 client

“I thought the experience was very professional, equally managed. I felt as though you were able to address the needs & wishes of both sides without preference toward one party or the other.” [The process was] extremely fast & thorough.
-Kathleen C., 2013 client

“I found your website while searching for mediation services online through yahoo. My husband and I had made a mutual decision to separate and things were very amicable between us. He had moved on and I felt that since we obviously were not going to ever reconcile that we should move ahead with a separation. We needed something inexpensive and I wanted something quick. Jerry, answered all my questions and concerns during the initial phone conversation. I then talked to my husband and he agreed it sounded like a great solution. What I liked about Jerry is that he encouraged my husband to call him with his questions and to phone him myself if I had any further questions myself. I really liked the experience and how fast and comfortable it felt.”
-Meghan C., January 2014

“Mediation worked well and the process was very smooth and timely.  Wonderful job done Jerry!  I will recommend your services in the future.”
-Laura S., March 2013

“…I think you were awesome.”
-Derek S., March 2013

“I would have to say I was very pleased with our decision to do mediation. We had started off with attorneys however I quickly realized that was a losing battle for myself financially, as well as emotionally.  The short time I dealt with the attorney I knew more problems were going to be brought up than needed. I  knew I just wanted it quick and fairly painless as well as much more cost effective as I started my new life as a self-employed single mom.  More sanity and financial well being for myself and my son was a priority.  I felt that you handled very well and respectfully my concerns, as well as my frustrations. I am pleased with how quick it was completed, as well as your willingness to give us extra time due to our travel needs. I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone in the future if they are sought after.  Thank you!!”
– Tracy S., March 2012

“I have had difficulties in my marriage over the last three years. After I made the decision to go through with the divorce my parents had mentioned about talking to a divorce mediator. I was a little skeptical because I had never heard of divorce mediation. I went online and found a website for Jerry Fabiano. I looked over his website and found that by going through Jerry not only would the divorce be more private, more cost effective, but it was also something that would not impact my children. If I would have went a different route and got a lawyer I would have paid 14 times more than going through a mediator, the process would have taken much longer and my children would have been impacted severely. I live about an hour away and Jerry was able to accommodate us by meeting later in the afternoon so it did not impact our work schedules. We met him at his house and not in an office like setting which was more comforting and private. Jerry explained everything thoroughly and was very considerate to both our feelings and was able to accommodate certain concerns that we had. After leaving the meeting with him that afternoon I felt that we found the right person. Because of the distance and work constraints we were able to communicate with Jerry by email which was very helpful. The process went very quickly, was completely civil and made you feel like you had control over the most important decisions in your life. If you are able to settle your differences in a civil manner, divorce mediation is the way to go. Jerry Fabiano was the perfect fit for our situation. With his years of experience and his complete professionalism through the process, he is definitely the individual that I recommend.”
-Rebecca M., March 2012

“I just wanted to thank you again for your support with this delicate task. I can’t tell you the relief it has been to have your advice and assistance through this process for which I felt so unprepared. From the very first meeting, you went above and beyond to help us out and I hope you know that your kindness was truly appreciated.
I would highly recommend your services and the mediation process to anyone that might be in a similar position to myself. I am very pleased with the agreement and hope that it will set us on a positive path for navigating our relationship post marriage. Thank you.”
– Amy, February 2011

“I’d like to take a moment and thank you for making a very difficult situation move along as smoothly as possible.  When first contacting you to discuss divorce mediation, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. You provided us with a plan; professional advice in a comfortable environment to logically iron out our affairs.  I would strongly recommend you to anyone contemplating mediation rather than attorneys. Jerry, having you as our knowledgeable, common individual to communicate with and simplifying the legalities by working with an attorney for us rather than finding ourselves at the mercy of standardized formulas in expensive separate legal offices was in fact the way to go for us.   My sincerest thanks for the personal time and attention you’ve shown to us over the past several weeks.”
– Lori, Johnstown, NY, November 2010

“As the Director of an Alternative Dispute Mediation Center it is my job to assist individuals in conflict in finding a safe, through and effective “neutral” to assist them through the resolution process.  At the Center for Community Justice we do not offer Divorce Mediation in-house making it imperative that we have Professional  Divorce Mediators to refer to.  I have found Jerry Fabiano to meet all the above criteria.  Jerry will help guide couples through the difficult process of separating and divorcing in a dignified manner.  As a neutral Jerry does not take sides but is there for the process, to make sure that both individuals are served fairly.  I am happy to recommend Jerry Fabiano.”
-Karen L. Baum, Director of ADR Services – The Center for Community Justice, November 2010

“Divorce mediation was the right choice for me and I recommend it to anyone that can separate their emotions and personal feelings so that they can make the right divorce decisions.  It is inexpensive, makes it easier to get through the most emotional and personal trauma you will ever have to face.  If you can communicate with your significant other and make decisions on what should be split equally without any hostility, then mediation is for you.

“Jerry Fabiano is very fair and explains exactly what to expect.  He is honest and makes the process easy and less painful under the most trying circumstances.

“If you talk to other people about their divorce and ask what it cost them, then you will see that mediation is affordable and less painful than battling it out in the courtroom.  Divorce is not easy, but, mediation doesn’t make the divorce sitation worse. Actually, Jerry Fabiano, mediator, helps keep things under control and he will help make it clear to you if you need further assistance (lawyer).

“The one thing that stood out for me during my mediation is that as much as I felt hurt and actually hated my significant other.  I couldn’t believe how civil and satisfying mediation was.  I didn’t feel like a victim.  I felt I had control of the situation. I also felt that I could back out of mediation and get a lawyer at anytime.  But, I didn’t feel that was necessary.

“Not only do I recommend mediation to anyone that is getting a divorce, I would definitely recommend Jerry Fabiano.  As a matter of fact, I have told friends and relatives that they should really consider mediation before getting a divorce lawyer.  I have given his name and phone number to many people.

“Today I have peace of mind that I made the right decisions and moved on with my life.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back to you.”
– Patricia D., July 2010

“Jerry has been a volunteer mediator with Tri-County Mediation since 1984, mediating cases involving custody/visitation and community issues.  He also serves as the Center’s Lemon Law Arbitrator.  Jerry’s dedication to the mediation process, his amazing flexibility and willingness to travel to the three counties we serve, makes him a star that shines brightly on our mediation roster!”
– Director of Mediation Services, Tri-County Mediation Center, March 2010

“I have seen Jerry work as a mediator. He brings parties together effectively to solve their problems. He’s excellent at his trade and I always recommend him. He’ll mediate my parents divorce.”
– Dan Mannix, May 2010

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