Thank you for visiting our website about divorce mediation. Jerry Fabiano has helped dozens of couples to obtain less stressful, cost-effective and amicable divorces through the process of mediation.

Mediation for no-fault and uncontested divorce or separation

In mediation a neutral mediator (with no stake in the outcome) helps facilitate a conversation between spouses who want to get divorced or separated. The mediator helps the couple to make their own decisions and reach the outcome they both desire. In mediation, no judge or jury (and not the mediator) decides the best way to parent your children or divide up your marital property. You do. Through mediation, you are in control of the process. You can divorce amicably.

The result? A less stressful and uncontested divorce or separation.

Do I have to know everything about divorce or separation?

Not at all. As a seasoned divorce mediator, Jerry will step you through the issues you need to think about and reach decision on when going through a divorce or separation. If you and your spouse continue to agree on the issues and you both seek divorce, the usual outcome is an uncontested “no-fault” divorce. If you are having trouble agreeing on the issues, Jerry will help you get through them so that you can focus on the future.

Can I still have a lawyer in mediation?

Absolutely. The mediation process is completely voluntary, confidential, and you can involve a lawyer -or any other professional such an accountant, appraiser or mental health professional-  at any time. Many couples choose not to involve third parties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an attorney or anyone else helping you.

Will emotions come out in divorce mediation?

They might. But Jerry will help to keep you on track so that you can have a timely, cost-effective and peaceful dissolution of your marriage.

How much does divorce mediation cost?

Successful mediation is substantially less expensive than adversarial litigation (where both spouses get their own lawyer and have the lawyers fight it out). If you use mediation, you may save thousands and thousands of dollars on your divorce. That’s money that will stay in your and your spouse’s pockets. And, you pay as you go. There are no upfront retainer fees costing thousands of dollars.

Where do we meet?

Mediation sessions are normally carried out in one of Jerry’s professional mediation spaces in Schenectady or Johnstown, which provide a comfortable, safe environment for discussion. If necessary, Jerry is available to travel to conduct mediation sessions at locations in the Capital District convenient for his clients.

Jerry Fabiano been providing alternative dispute resolution services for over 25 years. He has helped scores of couples to get divorced or separated peaceably and cost effectively. His services for couples are professional, efficient, and economic.

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