Preparing For Mediation

The two key components for an efficient and successful mediation are communication and preparation. You need to be able to talk to each other as you collect information and, as you talk and gather, you will begin to make decisions regarding your assets and liabilities.

You will need the following information:

  1. Social Security Numbers-for all members of your immediate family, dates of birth;
  2. Employment and Gross Income for past tax year
  3. Bank Accounts-owner; husband, wife or joint; bank, savings or checking and current balance;
  4. Motor Vehicles-automobiles, boats, snow-machines, owner (s), year make, model, balance if any and with whom;
  5. Life Insurance-owner, amount, benefit, amount being paid, beneficiary;
  6. Securities-Stocks, bonds, value;
  7. Pension and Retirement Accounts-value, check your annual or semi-annual statements or consult the manager of your fund(s), how long in the system(s);
  8. Real Estate-when purchased, current value, first and/or second mortgage(s), bank, taxes, insurance, other property in addition to the marital residence;
  9. Household Goods and Personal Property-make a list; who gets what;
  10. Health Insurance-who is the provider now, who will be the provider in the future;
  11. Tax Liabilities
  12. Debt-Credit Cards, Bank Loans, Personal Loans-credit card company, balance, debtor;
  13. Parenting Plan-If you have children, this is a most important issue that needs to be resolved. Among other things, you need to discuss who will provide the primary residence, how you will deal with child support and how and when you will visit with the children; also, do you want to provide for higher education;

These are the issues you should discuss and these conversations will empower you to make important decisions during mediation.

When we meet, we will expand the discussion of these issues to include equitable distribution, if applicable; spousal maintenance, if needed or desired; and child support and how you are able to deviate from required calculations in order to reach common goals.

Your goal should be to reach the best solutions given the circumstances. You should also have a mindset that focuses on developing a package that will work for each of you. With this information and realistic conversations beforehand, your mediation will move along quickly and efficiently.

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